Thursday, April 26, 2012

GLEE Flash Mob 2012 • Seattle, WA

It's been a year since I photographed my first flash mob! This past weekend the 3rd annual GLEE Flash Mob occurred on a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon in Seattle. An estimated 850 dancers came together to perform the spectacular choreography by Beth Meberg and Jared Jones. A special thanks to Egan Orion for organizing everything and to Bobby Bonsey for starting this sensation with him 3 years ago. Spoiler alert... congratulations to Emily and Tim on their engagement!

The Blue trees at the Westlake Center, painted by Konstantin Dimopoulos to raise       awareness for the importance of trees, made for a neat backdrop at the Westlake performance.

The incredibly sweet proposal had me crying and most all of the spectators as well. 
So heartfelt!

As a little bonus, I wanted to share this video of Egan speaking at a TED talk about the history of flash mobs in Seattle. His contribution has made Seattle flash mobs so popular and he explains the importance of them in society as well. 
Very interesting and worth a watch!