Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Personal Post • Olympic National Park • Vacation!

Last weekend I went on a mini-vacation to Olympic National Park. I hiked Hurrican Ridge and it took my breath away. Crescent lake was beautiful and the hike from their to Marymere Falls was also gorgeous. Lastly I drove to the coast and explored Rialto Beach. Check out some of the photos I snapped with my iPhone on my adventure.

Ferry from Edmonds-Kingston
 Some orange came into the sky around noon. 
 I stayed the night on this little sailboat, the Mother Goose. Thank you!
 Port Angeles, WA

 First view of Hurrican Ridge. 
 I saw my first billy goat! He could have cared less I was there, so I got pretty close.


 Port Angeles was magical the next morning. So blue. 
 No weekend is complete without brunch. New Day Cafe was quite tasty. 
 Lake Crescent 

Trail to Marymere Falls

 Marymere Falls
 Crescent Lake

 Rialto Beach

 Ferrying home from Bainbridge Island back to Seattle. I got to the ferry terminal right at sunset.

 Seattle. Home.