Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glass Blowing • Lincoln City, OR • Jennifer L. Sears Glass Art Studio

From East to West Coast, A Photographer's Road Trip
I got to have my first glass blowing experience at the Jennifer L. Sears Glass Art Studio in Lincoln City, Oregon. Mom documented the process of making the glass ball while I got to have all the fun! I was surprised how daintily you have to blow to create the spherical shape. 
Red is the most expensive color of glass because it has the most gold in it.
You have to constantly turn the glass so that it remains in a ball shape, even when it's not in the heat.

Creating the spiral pattern.

Actually blowing the glass. You gradually blow slightly harder into the tube very slowly so to not pop the ball.

The glass ball is still incredibly hot at this point, so it got put in a kiln to gradually cool down to keep from exploding. The final colors are bright yellow, bright orange, and bright red.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cape Perpetua • Oregon Coast • Tide Pooling

After our hike to the spruce tree in Cape Perpetua we took another hike down the Captain Cook Trail towards the ocean to check out the tide pools at low tide. So many sea stars and sea anemones!
Walking Tunnel


Cape Perpetua • Oregon Coast • Very Large Spruce

We went for a gorgeous hike on Spruce Trail in Cape Perpetua to a giant spruce tree. The Sitka spruce is more than 185ft tall and has a circumference of 40 ft. The Oregon Heritage Tree Program announced that the Giant Spruce of Cape Perpetua had been designated an Oregon Heritage Tree. The trail itself was full of oversized ferns and was overwhelmingly green and lush. Moss covered many of the tree limbs and much of the ground. It rained for the first part of the hike, but when the sun came out as we made it to the tree, I swear things got even greener.




Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eclectic Documentation • Newport, OR • Twice the Awesome

We made a short visit to Newport, OR, where we ate at Mo's Annex Restaurant located across from the original Mo's. From our table, we had a view of the water where the fisherman brought in their daily catch. We then took a stroll around the downtown area which was full of fun t-shirts and seaside commodities.

 Twice the awesome.

 Age doesn't matter- unless you're a cheese, wine, or anything considered "vintage". :)