Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vintage Fashion Gala • Killer Diller Weekend • Seattle, WA

The Vintage Fashion Gala was a huge success thanks to Sasha Anderson who organized the whole show! Ladies and gentlemen wore authentic vintage fashions from the 1920s-1950s. In between each decade there were mini-performances of dancing done during the decade represented. Local vintage stores provided much of the clothing for the show and sold beautiful vintage items there as well. Representing were threads and accessories from Lucky Vintage in Ballard, Coming Up Roses Vintage in Snohomish, Red Light Vintage & Costume on Capitol Hill, and a local lindy hopper Meg Taylor from her personal collection. Mocktails were served at the classiest of bars and a photo booth complete with a vintage couch was set up for guests and models to document their fancy attire. A night of glamour for sure!


 A special thank you to Lorraine for creating the original Seattle Vintage Fashion Gala a few years ago. 

Meg in some of her personal vintage collection. Wow.
 All of the models.
 A huge round of applause for Sasha!
 Two of the ladies who not only modeled, but did a lot of the hair and makeup for the show. Great job Taylor and Ashley!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Killer Diller Weekend • Lindy Hop Event • Seattle, WA

I had the privilege of photographing Killer Diller Weekend, a lindy hop event in Seattle, WA this past weekend. There were live bands, a cabaret, competitions, a Vintage Fashion Gala, tons of social dancing, and classes by none other than world renowned lindy hoppers Naomi Uyama and Peter Strom. I have compiled some of my favorite shots from the weekend! Stay tuned for an additional post featuring the Vintage Fashion Gala.
 Solomon Douglas and Friends, guest singer Naomi Uyama

 A little Shim Sham action.

 Solo dancing, together.

 Chris leading two follows at once.
 Competitions got fierce. 

 Jennifer Lee and Friends Balboa Team
 Peter and Naomi 

Sound check by Glenn Crytzer